Reducing our use of “natural” gas (methane) by switching to electric appliances is the best way to slash Ashland’s climate footprint. We’re here to show you how!
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What’s up with the latest flyer from Avista suggesting you pay more to receive renewable “natural” gas? We recommend you read the latest blog from Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, “The Avista RNG Offer,”
Or check out our FAQ on RNG here.

Like every community, Ashland contributes to global warming. A big portion of greenhouse gas emissions comes from our homes and businesses, where many of us burn “natural” gas for heating and cooking.  “Natural” gas is about 90% methane — a potent greenhouse gas with damaging health impacts and 86x the global warming potential of carbon dioxide over 20 years. It’s time to move away from burning methane at home by joining the “100% electric” movement — also called electrification.

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Electrify Ashland Now is a new campaign launched in 2022 with a goal of electrifying Ashland homes to dramatically reduce our community’s climate footprint.Efficient, high-quality electric appliances are affordable and available. Local suppliers and contractors can provide heat pumps for winter warming and summer cooling. Induction cooktops offer safe, flame-free cooking with the responsiveness of gas stoves. We’re here to help you plan your journey

For some of us, replacing gas furnaces, water heaters, and stoves is within reach now. On this website you can find local contractors, learn about the financial and climate costs and benefits of electric heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, learn the steps for planning your electrification journey, and learn more about your the products currently availableYou can get personal assistance from your Ashland neighbors and local experts, or attend a zoom support group session.  You can also read “How I did it” stories from real homeowners of Ashland about their electrification journey

Others can join the Electrify Ashland Now campaign by urging landlords, businesses, and our City government to support the full electrification of Ashland. We can do this.

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“Cutting methane is the strongest lever we have
to slow climate change over the next 25 years.”
U.N. Environment Programme Director Inger Anderson (May 2021)