Ok, so this is not Ashland, but it is inspiring nonetheless.

Climate change disproportionately affects those who have done the least to contribute to it. And, all too often, climate solutions are available only to those with resources. We believe that climate solutions, including electrification, must be accessible to ALL.

Electrify Ashland Now has three current advocacy priorities in Ashland:

Financial Assistance for Home Electrification

This is what needs to happen.

A Moratorium on New Methane Gas Pipelines in Our City

This is what also needs to happen.

Phase-Out Methane Gas Use in all City Facilities

And, yes, this needs to happen too. Gas is still being used in multiple city buildings.

The Daniel Meyer Pool is by far the biggest fossil gas user among city properties. Since the SOU pool closed in 2015, the pool is being used in colder weather, spiking its fossil gas use by 339%.  Please contact the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission and/or the City Council to tell them that Ashland’s next pool must utilize a non-fossil fuel heating source.