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Local Resources

We really want to help you with your journey towards a 100% electric home! We’ve done our homework and created lots of local tools and resources to help you get the job done.

Learn About City of Ashland Incentives

Did you know that the City of Ashland provides free home energy assessments, as well as rebates for heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, electric induction stoves and other energy efficiency measures? Learn about City of Ashland Incentives!

Join the Electrify Ashland Now Support Group

Electrifying your home can be challenging. We’ve found that it helps a lot to share tips and lessons learned among neighbors and local experts.

Starting in May, Electrify Ashland Now will provide a Support Group Zoom Meetings so you can ask your questions about electrification with people who understand these things. Click here for more information.

Electrify on a Budget

If you feel that electrifying your home is out of reach right now, you’re not alone. Check out our low-budget tips and strategies for residents and recommendations to policymakers.

Because everyone should be able to electrify.

Home Electrification Economics…and more!

We’ve researched purchase prices, operating costs, and greenhouse gas reductions for heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and induction cooktops. This saves you a lot of trouble, neighbors.

Click here to visit our Economics and More page.

Find a Local Contractor

Check out our list of local HVAC, plumber, and electrical contractors who can help you go 100% electric.

See the lists!

Home Electrification Planning Guide

Create your plan to 100% electrification

Check out the Guide!

How I Did it!

Real Ashland Homeowners tell their electrification stories.

Read the stories!

STAND UP NOW for a 100% Electric, Gas-Free Ashland

It’s time to raise our voices, neighbors. Seriously. Learn more and get involved.