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Is your home already 100% electric? Apply HERE [Insert Hyperlink to other page] for your home plaque!


Your lawn sign will measure approximately 13”x13”

Choose Your Payment
The standard fee for a sign and welcome packet is a one-time contribution to offset the cost of printing the signage materials, and handling. We encourage you to pay an amount that is meaningful and affordable to you. The Pay-it-Forward option makes it possible to offer applicants a sliding scale. The first $10 covers your enrollment; the rest is a tax-deductible donation and is greatly appreciated.

  • $5 - Minimum Suggested Donation
  • $10 - Standard Enrollment (covers our printing costs)
  • $25 - Pay it Forward
  • $50 - Pay it forward
  • Other

We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you have any issues with your transaction, please email

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