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We now have a New YouTube channel! Below is our first upload – our webinar about RNG in Ashland.
Check this out to learn more about methane gas, offers made by our gas company, and ways to efficiently cool and heat your home.

In Spring 2022, Electrify Ashland Now partnered with the Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now to present a three-part webinar series on home electrification and facts about natural (methane) gas.

Gas harms our climate and our health. A recent Stanford University study found that gas stoves emit far more methane than previously thought. Representatives of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and co-authors of the 2021 report “Methane Gas: Health, Safety, and Decarbonization,” discusses the environmental and health impacts of so-called “natural” gas (methane.
Brian Stewart of Electrify Now, outlines how to take a planned approach to electrifying your home and reviews the options available for switching your home heating, water heating, and cooking from gas to electric.
Christy Anderson Brekken, President of the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board, provides an overview of the status of “natural” gas in Oregon and how and where state residents can advocate for a future without fossil fuels. Brekken is a Senior Instructor in Applied Economics at Oregon State University.

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