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We’ve chosen the most helpful articles, books, and videos we could find to help you on your journey to 100% electrification. If you find something great that you think belongs on this page, contact us.


The Climate Impact of “Natural” Gas (Methane)

“For children who live in a home with a gas stove, the increased risk of asthma
is on par with living in a home with a smoker.” – Brady Seals, manager, RMI,
a nonprofit focused on sustainability. Seals is the author of a study examining the health effects of gas stoves.
Source: New York Times March 16, 2022 “Turning Off the Flame.”

Public Policy

Electrifying Your Home

  • How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost? The folks at Carbon Switch sought out to answer the question; How much does a heat pump cost? Carbon Switch surveyed 125 homeowners across the United States and Canada, reviewed previous research, spoke with experienced installers, and analyzed publicly available data from states like Massachusetts and California to help answer this question. This article summarizes what they learned.
  • What are the hurdles to electrifying a home? Contractors and experts weigh in. Installing heat pumps and induction stoves can be costly and complex, but they boost homeowners’ health and comfort — and benefit the climate too. (Canary Media, February 2022

Electrify Everything in Your Home

A free e-book from Rewiring America, Electrify Everything in Your Home is a guide to replacing all of your fossil-fueled appliances with modern electric ones. Once you electrify:

Each chapter includes info about what your options are for that electric appliance, how to get started, questions to ask contractors, suggestions for how to best run the appliance, and links to more info.

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